Estlcam CNC Controller for USB and Windows

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Estlcam CNC Controller for USB and
Windows 7/10

New Version : R5.x

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The ArduinoClub has developed a CNC Controller which harmonises 100% with the known Cam Software Estlcam and is controlled by Windows 7/10 with USB.

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As a heart beats an Arduino Nano 5V V3 whatever else we are the ArduinoClub.

The control card has the following connection options:

  • Motor driver Step X Y Z also includes several drivers per output
  • Motor driver Dir X Y Z also includes multiple drivers per output
  • Limit switch X Y Z (front and rear, 6 in total)
  • error input
  • Output 1 and 2 (e. g. for suction, cooling water, laser etc.)
  • Sensor input (touch plate, length sensor, stylus can be connected in parallel)
  • Output for switching a relay around a milling motor
  • 0-10V output for frequency inverter (adjustable)
  • DCM / FOR for frequency inverter
  • 12V-24V input

There are several reasons for using optocouplers.

On the one hand, interference voltages can be effectively prevented which can occur despite the presence of mains filters and capacitors, e. g. they can occur when the light or washing machine is switched on, or simply for no reason.

The Arduino then „thinks“, eh, the end or fault switch is activated and the machine simply stops and then the work is lost.

But what is even more important, if you want to switch thick relays in order to switch e. g. your spindle, water pump or laser, you need this current, which is usually higher than what the Arduino can tolerate, because it can only be 40mA per connection or in the sum 50mA, which means that if I switch on 2 LEDs with one output of the Arduinos is already over, because more is not safe to operate.

We recently had a case where connected proximity sensors just didn’t want to run, well, they needed a little more voltage than the printed 5V.
How much effort would it take to operate an Arduino without separating the outputs for this to work?
With our control card here, I simply increase the voltage a little higher (max. 6.2 V) and everything runs as desired.

Do not use cheap coil relays!

Why do we mention this on the front page even though it is in our manual and in the Estlcam software?
Because lately we still get a lot of mails with the question if mechanical relays are suitable and why we don’t bring out a revision with such relays.
In short and painless:“They are not suitable and there will be no revision with these relays.“



Override Shield for ArduinoClub CNC Controller
AC-CNC2017-2S REV03 and REV04 available as an option.

Override Shield

Override Shield


With the Override Shield you can easily retrofit the Speed and Feedoverride functions of the ESTLCAM 11.

The CNC Controller Card
instructions are here: ManualCNCController AC-CNC-2017-2S
From: 2017/12/10

The Override Shield instructions are here: Manual_EN_Override_Shield
From: 2017/12/30

You can buy all this here:



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  1. whoah this weblog is great i love studying your articles. Keep up the great work!
    You understand, lots of individuals are searching round for this info, you can help them greatly.

  2. Epko van der Laan sagt:

    Wie verbinde ich mein L298 mit dem Controlboard AC-CNC2017-2S? Diese Treiber sind immer noch vorhanden. Die TB6600 ist immer noch zu schwer für meine Schrittmotoren.
    B. V. D.
    E.van der Laan

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