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Today I would like to introduce the official successor of the popular CNC control card for ESTLCAM.
Some may wonder why we are changing something ?
At that time we already knew that the solution with the „Override Shield“ for the speed and feed function was only a temporary solution for REV3 and 4.
In the new REV5.1 version, the Speed and Feed over ride functions were immediately integrated into the board.
In addition, all SMD components were replaced by push-through parts, more stable and larger screw terminals were used and all inputs and outputs provided by ESTLCAM were exhausted.
All IC’s with the design DIL and the Nano Vers3 5V are on empty sockets, so that they can be changed without soldering if necessary.

Unfortunately, experience has shown that when something is defective, it is 80% nano, 15% operational amplifier and 5% optocoupler, which is exactly why we will socket these components.

This is because the Nano is the most sensitive component, the defects range from problems with the 340G chip (serial communication, bottom side Nano) to cold solder joints, problems with the internal pull-up resistors to the ripped out USB port.

Well, the biggest change concerns the power supply of the external power circuit, we have replaced the DC-DC converter with a fixed voltage regulator based on 6V.
All in all, the CNC control card is now more stable and easier to handle.

We asked ourselves when we would publish the card so that buyers of the REV04 version would not feel offended.

There’s never really a good time, we have to do it sometime and the time is now.

Of course the delivery of spare parts for the REV03 and 4 is no problem for a long time.


AC-CNC2017-2S REV5.1

The PCB of the prototype was once kept in blue, as you can see in the contribution picture, we didn’t like that much, now the professionally produced PCB is black on both sides, with the dimensions 106 x 78mm.
The mounting holes have a diameter of 3.5mm and are arranged symmetrically at a distance of 98mm to 70mm.

The REV5.1 controller can be operated at the same speed as REV03 and 4, 120000 Hz.

Now a short overview of the connection possibilities of the ArduinoClub CNC control card in the REV5.1 :

  • IN 1 – 8 (limit switch, door contact, length sensor, touch stylus, touch plate, Probe etc.)
  • OUT 1 and 2 (laser, cooling etc.)
  • DIR XYZ and Step XYZ (motor driver, also several drivers per axis)
  • Inverter (0-10V or 0-5V, adjustable)
  • DCM/FOR for frequency inverters
  • SpRel additional output for non HF controlled milling machines (e.g. Kress.)

The connection diagram in PDF format provides a good overview: Diagram (as of 16.11.2018)

The control card is delivered as a kit and because only push-through parts are used, it is easy to build.

Of course there is a detailed building instruction. :Instruction (as of 16.11.2018)

Video found on Youtube (German)

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