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CNC Arduino Nano GRBL 1.1

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Today I would like to present you our latest creation in the field of CNC control cards from ArduinoClub.
A GRBL 1.1 compatible CNC motion controller based on the Arduino Nano.

ArduinoClub Arduino Nano GRBL 1.1 CNC Controller

ArduinoClub Arduino Nano GRBL 1.1 CNC Controller

The data of the GRBL 1.1 Nano control card :

  • Connection possibility for drivers or motors for 3 axes, also several motors/drivers per axis.
  • Then of course limit switches for all 3 axes, also 2 limit switches per axis.
  • Relay output to switch cooling water.
  • Probe; length sensor, touch plate, stylus etc. can be connected in parallel.
  • Connection for buttons; program start, program pause, program continue, abort and hardware reset.
  • Connection for frequency converter/HF spindle, 0-10V, or 0-5V output, adjustable.
  • Switching of DCM/FOR, for the frequency inverter.
  • Extra relay output for switching milling machines without frequency converter e.g. AMB (Kress) also AMB machines with 0-10V input.
  • Possibility to display the switching status of the limit switches.

The components are supported by a professionally produced white PCB with black lettering in the size 106x78mm.

Here are some links (as of 01/09/2019):

With the manual and the schema from time to time reload, so that you always see the latest version.

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