CNC Arduino Nano GRBL 1.1 EN

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5 Antworten

  1. francisco flores sagt:

    hi, can i connect home switches for x,y and z in paralell or even better, can I connect all 3 homming sensors and have one input for homming the machine?

    • RB sagt:

      No, that is not possible.
      You can connect 2 limit switches to one input, but then, for example, X+ and X- to input Limit X, Y+ and Y- to input Limit Y and for Z then, Z+ and Z- to Limit Z.

      Or X- to limit X, Y- to limit Y etc.

  2. Jesper Vels sagt:

    Is it possible to have dual motors on one axis with this board?

  3. Paul sagt:

    Dear ArduinoClub

    I bought a nano grbl board , all work fine but no out for SPINDLE and INVERTER . How I connect spindle? I need a analog out to control motor  speed and on/off out. Pin SpRel no out , Pin inverter 8,73 V when spindle goes on.

    Can send us a schematics so ,in case of failure, I can repair the board by myself? Regards

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