ESTLCAM control card with Arduino Mega and Jog Wheel

ESTLCAM control card with Arduino Mega and Jog Wheel

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Are you looking for a highly dynamic control system based on the Arduino Mega, with which a very powerful CNC machine can be set up?

You want to build a jog wheel?

You want to switch some things like cooling, lamps, suction?

You want to operate a laser?

Or build a foil cutter?

You want to convert your small or big China CNC machine to ESTLCAM?

Usually, you get an answer to your questions in the time from 10 o’clock (p.m.). to 2 o’clock (a.m.). and that also on Saturdays and Sundays within shortest time.
Now don’t nail us down on it, but when we are at the computer and that we are very often and exceptionally long and we read your mail, we usually answer immediately.

So if you’re looking not only for good hardware, but also for friendly and patient support that really helps you when you’re working on your machine, you’ve come to the right place.

The Arduino Mega is plugged onto the PCB from below, which keeps the PCB small, even for people who have less space in the case.
Even a cheap Mega 2560 works.

We have designed the card with the following connection options:

  • Dir X Y Z (Also several drivers per connection e.g., two motors on Y)
  • Step X Y Z (Also several drivers per connection, e.g., two motors on Y)
  • Frequency converter output 0-10V or 0-5V, adjustable
  • DCM/FOR to switch the frequency inverter
  • PWM output 0-5V
  • Extra output for switching a milling machine via a relay
  • 12V output to supply a e.g., PWM controlled AMB (Kress) machine.
  • 6 inputs for sensors or Endstops etc.
  • 6 outputs to switch coolant supply, or a vacuum cleaner or whatever else comes to mind.
  • 6 extra outputs to visualize switching positions at the inputs
  • Feed connection (regulation of the traversing speed while the program is running.)
  • Speed connection (regulation of the speed of a PWM controlled milling machine e.g., „China“ spindle or AMB)
  • One port to perform a hardware rest
  • One input to connect a manual control (without detours, directly on top)
  • Also supports encoders that require parasitic power. (Switchable)

Some may wonder why we are using the Arduino Mega with the new controls and not the Nano (328Pxyz Chip)

This is best noticed when X, Y and Z must be driven simultaneously with a high step resolution.
X, Y and Z are usually driven together, and a high step resolution is desired at the motor driver.
More steps per revolution of the motor means a higher accuracy.

We see it on the oscilloscope that the processing of the PWM signal in the mega in the higher power range is significantly better than that of the Nano.

Customers have told us that you can even hear this on the motors, that everything runs cleaner and that the machine behaves more dynamically.

We have significantly more connection possibilities and a manual control is connected immediately without detours, which reduces latencies and error susceptibility.

The appropriate connection cable for the housing bushing can also be purchased.

Some may wonder why we don’t have coils of relays on the card.
Here again for those who don’t know: „Coils relays cause disturbances when switching, these disturbances can go so far that the controller hangs or produces false alarms, but not always from time to time“.

We don’t want false alarms and crashes, not „just from time to time“.

Please always use external solid-state relays,
Even the thickest things need only a minimal current when switching, so the control can do your work quickly and cleanly.

The Arduino Mega is placed on the PCB from below.

The components are supported by a professionally manufactured circuit board measuring 149 x 89 mm.

Otherwise, it remains to say the upgrade and retrofit will have it quite easy, because everything is connected as usual.

Here are some useful links:

Driver download, for WIN 7/8/10:

  • Link: Driver

​3D Data:

We ship our board’s all over the world, don’t worry, the German post office delivers very reliable.
With worldwide tracking and PayPal buyer protection!
So your money is safely invested.

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3 Antworten

  1. Nici sagt:

    Leider scheind dieser controllr nur als Bausatz zu geben.

    löten ist nicht so meine Staerke

    als Fertiggeraet haette ich sie genommen


  2. Roland Fleig sagt:

    Habe vor eine MPCNC Holzraspel zu bauen. Für die x y Achse benötige ich dazu je zwei Schrittmotoren. Kann die Endstufe DM 542 zwei Motoren parallel ansteuern?  Oder wie ist das Thema am kostengünstigsten zu realisieren.

    MFG Roland

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