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  1. tyson sagt:

    what kind of stepper drivers it have ?

  2. joss nankoo sagt:


    I have a cnc with a Piko controller the problem is that the text is in Polish and I would like to run the cnc in English text. Does the Estlcam software override the original program can this be done.

    The over option is to exchange the controller and breakout board if I go down this route can you supply a suitable replacement?

    I have to have surface scan installed also the option to operate the coolant pump.  I have to resole this issue can you help?

    I do have photos of the existing setup if this helps


  3. Ronald Gregoire sagt:



    I just ordered Estlcam Arduino CNC controller REV. 5  for my CNC (which I currently run with Arduino UNO. and Windows 10)

    I see that you sell a CNC controller Rev 3&4 that states that it is for Windows 10.

    Did I order the wrong controller to use with Windows 10?  Was I suppose to order the Rev 3&4 version for Windows 10?   Will the Rev 5 that I just ordered work with my existing Windows 10 based CNC?      Order no.: B-001752

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Ron Gregoire


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