ESTLCAM AC-CNC2022-manual control

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ESTLCAM Jogwheel, manual control from ArduinoClub

ESTLCAM Jogwheel, manual control from ArduinoClub

The housing is ergonomically shaped with a raised structure whose surface is rubberized again, it is really good in the hand.
On the back of the housing, an indentation has been incorporated with the and the supplied hanger, the hand control can be hung on the machine.
The front panel is resistant to oils and alkalis and the UV hardened coating is very scratch resistant.
All knobs are made of aluminum on the outside and plastic on the inside.
Internally, a professionally designed circuit board has been installed to ensure smooth operation and easy installation.
For the sake of the environment, this control was also built so that in the event of a case everything can be repaired, alone or with our help,
All components on the board are socketed or at least so large that a human can handle them, no SMD parts.
The connection cable is 2.92m long.

More information here: ESTLCAM jogwheel

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